This film shows the life of the Adivasi, the original inhabitants of India, living around Asha Vihar, and, furthermore, it reveals the origin and the process of estrangement through wage labour in their tribal society. It is part of the DVD Place of Hope (see film Saraswati Puja).

DVD Production: Sigrun Schnarrenberger & Johargesellschaft Germany
Year of Production: 2011
Format: HD

Director of Photography, Script & Editing: Sigrun Schnarrenberger
Assistant Cameraman: Daniel Egenolf
Technical Supervisor, DVD-Design, Authoring: Dominik Schoetschel
Dramatic Adviser: Rebecca Niazi-Shahabi
English Translation: Cora Chalmers
Chinese Translation: Li Yuang
German Voice: Sigrun Schnarrenberger
English Voice: Marty Sander
Chinese Voice: Li Yuan
Subtitles: Babelfisch Translations and Li & Nick Yuan
Speech Recording: Marcus Müller-Witte

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