1994, DV, short fiction: 1 prize from "mixed feelings" competition ARD (National TV)

Ein Freund von mir
1995, DV, short fiction

1996, 16 mm, short fiction

Klo uf'n Alex
1998, DV, short docu, NDR (National TV)

Only the Lonely
1999, DV, short fiction

Marion in Hongkong
1999, DV, short docu, NDR (National TV)

Z like ZERI?
2001, DV, short docu, positiv mentioned 2002 at EEFF, Slatioara, Rumania

If Not Now Then When
2003, DV, 75 min., docu on Asha Vihar, hospital in North East India, DVD production

View Back - From Past to Present
2005, short docu, archive material of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 25 years Green Party

Stenum and Back
2006, DV, DVD production

Johar Jharkhand
2007, DV, 53 min., docu

Worthmann Maschinenbau
2009, HD, imagefilm

Place of Hope
2011, HD, 150 min., DVD production, English/ German/ Chinese

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