After two years study in theater science at Munich and 4 years of stage directing at the Theater Academy in Ulm, Sigrun Schnarrenberger wrote and directed a theater play named Captain's Vodoo - Tomato Juice which first premiered in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Der Tagesspiegel, July 1, 1993: "The actors dance, sing, and perform brillantly, ... intelligent and amusing - performance art can be like that.").

In 1994 her short ficiton film Badetraum won the first prize at a competition of National TV, ARD. Until 2000 she created several short fiction films and started to work in documentary and image films. She shot her first documentary entitled Klo uf'n Alex in 1996 which was broadcasted on NDR, National TV, in1998. 1999, a second short documentary, Marion in Hongkong, was broadcasted. 2001 she fotographed a series in townships in South Africa. What moved her was the fact that, wherever people were still in contact with their cultural identity, they were living a life in dignity.

In February 2003 she was commissioned by the German Johar Society to make a film on the hospital and orphanage Asha Vihar, located in North East India. During the excursions with the clinic jeep to the villages she was touched by the simplicity of tribal people and their original way of life. In August 2003 she could manage to shoot in the same region for just a few weeks and nonetheless edited Johar Jharkhand, a film on the situation of the villagers living in the area around Asha Vihar. Two short films of this material have been published in 2011 on:

In 2005 the German Green Party celebrated their 25th anniversary. For this occasion the Heinrich Böll Foundation asked her to make a short documentation based on archive material. The outcome was a film titled View back - From Past to Present.

In 2008 she was invited back to India by the Johar Society to create another documentary for DVD, Place of Hope, year of production 2011.

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