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Following up the short film workshops for foster children "Bleib wie du bist", 2013 and "Nur im Doppelpack" , 2014, the 3rd one will start in collaboration with the Arbeitskreis zur Förderung von Pflegekindern e.V. during summer holidays from August, 10th, 2015 to 21st.

The 3 shortfilm workshops follow a modular concept in a concentric manner. The workshops interlock thematically. Whereas in the first workshop the subject has been self reflection, the second one focussed on the relationship with a friend. Now, in the third Workshop "Respekt", the children explore how they interact with their environment, the effects of their inner feelings on the outer world.

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The Workshops are supported by Aktion Mensch & Jugend- und Familienstiftung Berlin

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