In 2003, during a short period of 3 weeks, I had the chance of shooting in the villages around Asha Vihar (Place of Hope). By cooperating with Asha Vihar I got in touch with the people easily. So I felt encouraged to edit the material, inspite of the short time period of shooting.

Here Kolewar, father of the Santali family Soren, tries to sell two of his goats on Bokaro market.

Produced by Sigrun Schnarrenberger
Year of Production: 2007
Format: DV
Lenght: 52 min.

Book, Director of Photography & Editing: Sigrun Schnarrenberger
Camera Assistence: Kirsten Kofahl
Sound Mixing: Muhammad Abdus Satter
Assistant Editor: Dominik Schötschel
Santali Translation: Sukumar Besra
English Translation: Cora Chalmers
English Voice: Sigrun Schnarrenberger

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